Smile and Make Someone Happy!

Updated: Apr 30


Kindness is good for others but you benefit, also. It can alleviate stress-related problems with your health, and help with feelings of anxiety, aggression, and depression.

The Bright Side

Be happy! Be the one that always has a “bright side” to point out. By focusing on the good and choosing to be happy, you benefit yourself and those around you.

Send a signal.

This also sends a signal to the universe that you are happy. The universe then sends you more circumstances that prompt your happiness.

Make someone smile.

Make someone smile. There are lots of ways of making someone smile- one of them is to simply smile first.

If that feels fake to you, consider this: research has shown that by smiling, your facial muscles send a signal to your brain, telling it that you are happy. Consequently, you will improve your level of happiness.

Smiles are contagious.

Additionally, smiles are contagious!

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Research cited acquired from Social Psychology and Human Nature, 4th edition.


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