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As I gear up for my 30 Days of Meditation video series, which begins on September 9th, I’ve been considering what topics related to meditation to discuss. The contemplation led me to an idea that has me super-stoked and I can’t wait to share it with my followers on social media. Stay tuned for the big reveal. That said, this week, I’d like to talk to you about meditation and share some insights into this valuable tool for spirituality, health, and of course, using the Law of Attraction.

Location, Location, Location Previously, I’ve written about surprising meditation methods, but this week’s focus will be location. Where is the best place to meditate? The possibilities are endless, and your choice of location should be based upon your mood and personality, as well as your ability to slow down the monkey mind. BEDROOM If you have difficulty turning your thoughts off, you might want to choose a nice quiet spot to meditate. Some people choose their bedroom because there are typically less interruptions in this space. If your bedroom brings you to a peaceful state of mind, this is a fantastic spot for you. Just make sure you have the lighting to your liking and the sound at a level that doesn’t cause distractions. Living in a neighborhood with lots of college students, the noise level for me is typically high. It almost doesn’t matter what time of day I choose to meditate. I could use ear plugs, but I usually choose ear buds with some type of sound that makes me feel at ease. I will discuss more about sounds in my upcoming video series.

OFFICE Because there are often times when we need a “take me away” moment at work, this place must also be considered. If you have a private office, this makes things a little easier, but a cubicle might make things problematic. Taking a 15-minute break to meditate doesn’t have to be difficult, however, because there is most likely some place at work you feel the most at ease. Find this space and use your ear plugs or ear buds, if necessary. I’ve used my car on more than one occasion, because my staff was not getting that I needed a few minutes to escape. Bonus, however, this presented the opportunity for an open discussion about meditation at work and my staff enjoyed the idea of being able to take a few minutes to just breathe, as necessary.

NATURE The next place I would like to discuss is a personal favorite for me and, once the heat has tapered off a bit in Texas, I will be enjoying my meditation sessions in nature. Outdoor meditation can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. There are many benefits to being in nature, one of which is the connection to the Universe many of us are and should be seeking for our spiritual health. To sum up, there are many places to meditate. The choice is yours. Just be sure to choose a place where you can really let go. Thanks for reading.

I hope you all will join me for my 30 Days of Meditation video series. You can find it on my Della’s Coaching and More like page on Facebook or my Instagram with the same name. Feel free to leave comments about how this blog has helped you below or suggestions or questions you might have.







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