Be The Influencer Your Team Needs

There’s a concept in neuroscience referred to as Syncing. The idea is that one’s emotional state can influence and change another’s. This is especially beneficial when the influencer is in the state of Flow. Being an advocate of Flow and how it can impact our ability to attract our desires into our lives, learning about Syncing was an Aha moment for me.

What is Flow?

I’ve written about Flow before but here’s a recap: Flow is a state we enter when we are doing something that completely consumes us- usually an activity we enjoy and feel we excel at. You’ll know you’re in Flow when you feel bliss while doing said activity. Since happiness attracts more happiness, it stands to reason that entering a state of Flow daily is not only great for our health, but will help us use the Law of Attraction to attract our intended desires.

What does this mean for your team?

If you supervise a team of individuals, you likely have a shared goal. Being an authority figure and team leader and being in a state of Flow can influence your team to also enter a state of Flow. That means you are helping your team to reach your shared goals, just by being in a state of Flow.

Who else benefits?

Not only does this mean great things for any team you lead but imagine what it does for your spouse and children. You can help your family succeed and lead a happier life by influencing them with your state of Flow and that is incredible!

Final Notes

To sum up, get yourself into Flow daily to not only help yourself manifest abundance and happiness but to also help your teams- at work and at home. As always, feel free to email me at with your success stories and any questions you might have.

Sending you positive vibes.



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