3 Great Places to Meditate- Even if You Can't Leave Home.

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Are you new to meditating and wondering where to do it, so you get the maximum benefits of meditation? Then, read on.

Within this post, you will find:

  • Suggestions for where to meditate.

  • Suggestions for meditation sounds.

  • How to meditate at home when it's loud.

  • Tips for enhancing your meditation experience.

  • What to do when meditation fails in the workplace.

  • How nature will affect your meditation.

  • Why nature is important to your spiritual health.

What is the best place to meditate?

The possibilities are endless, but you'll get the best out of your practice when you choose a place where you feel comfortable and able to let loose- a distraction-free zone.

Meditate in your bedroom.

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If you have difficulty turning your thoughts off, you might want to choose a nice quiet spot to meditate. Some people choose their bedroom because there are typically less interruptions in this space- especially if you have roommates or small children.

While meditating in your bedroom (or any place, other than one specifically designed for meditation) is a controversial idea, you can alter any space to change your state of mind. All it takes is to have a literal point of view that is specific to how you want to feel. More on that below.

If your bedroom brings you to a peaceful state of mind, this is a fantastic spot for you. Just make sure you have the lighting to your liking and the sound at a level that doesn’t cause distractions.

Living in a neighborhood with lots of college students, the noise level for me is typically high. It almost doesn’t matter what time of day I choose to meditate. I could use ear plugs, but I usually choose ear buds with some type of sound that makes me feel at ease.

Looking for a free sound or meditation app?

Here's a list of free apps to help you drown out noise during meditation:

Rain Rain has a variety of sounds, including things like rain, white noise, animal sounds, people sounds, etc. There are no guided meditations, but it is great for using sounds to signal to your brain that it is time to zone out, be mindful, or be productive.

On the Headspace app, you can use a session timer, track your progress, connect with a community, and there is an optional e-mail reminder.

Sanvello is a mental health app that allows you to journal your feelings and learn various cognitive behavioral thereapy (CBT) techniques. There are guided meditations that focus on common problems or solutions, and you can hire a mental health coach or therapist through the app.

Gaia is all about mindfulness and spirituality. There are options like guided meditations, tips, and shows with information on spirituality.

You can use the Calm app for meditation, stress and anxiety relief, and enhanced sleep.

Aura is a mindfulness, sleep, and meditation app.

*I am not not affiliated with any of the above apps. They are simply popular apps with great reviews, offered as a suggestion for enhancing your meditation experience.

Stay tuned to the blog for a sneak peek into my meditation space, including pics and the how-to of designing your meditation space.

Meditate at your office.

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Because there are often times when we need a “take me away” moment at work, this place should also be considered. If you have a private office, this makes things a little easier, but a cubicle might make things problematic.

It all depends on how comfortable you are with letting go in this type of space, and if you can handle the view while meditating. With your eyes closed, the view might not be an issue for you, though.

TIP: Your perspective in a room can make a big difference in your state of mind. For instance, one room of my house is set up so that, depending on which wall I am facing, I might be ready to :

  • Work- This wall features a book case with books relevant to my business or education.

  • Watch tv- This wall has the television and the media console.

  • Read- This wall has bookcases with books for entertainment.

  • Meditate- This wall is blank, with no cracks or other distractions. I find this helps me when I can't seem to shake the Monkey Mind. 

Taking a 15-minute break to meditate doesn’t have to be difficult, however, because there is most likely some place at work you feel the most at ease. Find this space and use your ear plugs or ear buds, if necessary.

Your car might also be an option, so you avoid interruptions- as long as you're not trying to meditate while driving.

If you find your coworkers interrupt your meditation, this might be a great opportunity for an open discussion about meditation at work. Your coworkers might relish the idea of being able to take a few minutes to just breathe. We are all entitled to a break at work, and a meditation break is great for those who feel they must have a reason to take a break.

For suggestions on meditations you can do at work, check out this article by Headspace.

Meditate in nature.

One of my favorites (once the heat has tapered off a bit in Texas) is meditation in nature.

Outdoor meditation can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. There are many benefits to being in nature, one of which is the connection to nature, which we should seek for our spiritual health. Also, outdoor meditation has been scientifically proven to help people establish their meditation practice. Check out this research I conducted for my psychology of human motivation and performance class. It touches upon how spiritual growth affects motivation for goal achievement, and it lists many mental and spiritual health benefits of meditating in nature.

To sum it up, there are many places to meditate. The choice is yours. Just be sure to choose a place where you can really let go. We also covered suggestions for meditation sounds and apps, how to meditate at home when it's loud, tips for enhancing your meditation experience, what to do when meditation fails in the workplace, how nature will affect your meditation, and why nature is important to your spiritual health.

Where do you meditate?

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