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The Grateful Dreamer Meditates Daily was created to help and inspire you to connect with your higher self, get you the info you want about all things spiritual, and create a community based on a shared desire to grow spiritually. 

The content to come includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spirituality

  • Energy

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Dreams

  • The Law of Attraction

  • Intuition

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • And any tools and techniques that can aid in understanding these concepts.

While this blog is not about me but about the topics listed above, here is a bit of my background, so you will understand why I chose to write about these things.

One thing that has driven me to research spirituality is that I have always been highly intuitive, sometimes have visions, and have been known to have psychic dreams. That said, I don’t classify myself as a psychic, but I do believe that we all have some psychic qualities. We just might not recognize them as psychic. The author, Sonia Choquette, PH.D., wrote about this idea in her book, “The Psychic Pathway,” which I will be sharing some info from in the future.

I have also been a spiritual person, for as long as I can remember. As a child, going to church and having the moments that make you cry, which many Christians call being “moved by the spirit,” was a common occurrence for me. I can also remember singing in the church choir and having goosebumps on my whole body, breaking out into a cold sweat, and the hairs on my arms standing up while singing about God.

As I develop spiritually, I have been moved to share what I learn, as I learn it. I have found different ways to meditate and be mindful and strive to share them with others.

As a psychology student, I’m able to offer a science perspective, in addition to my perspective as someone who is actively researching spirituality while applying what I learn to my life. I do this because I believe that we should consider looking at things from a variety of angles and because I find it interesting- how often science confirms spiritual things.

My interest in connecting with my higher self, desire to help others, and passion for writing have driven me to write this blog. I know there are many people who are curious about the topics within, and I believe that curiosity might just be your intuition telling you that it’s a good time to explore your spiritual side.  

I promise not to claim to be an expert on anything unless I am. I will often refer you to valuable resources, including YouTube channels and books that will lead you to experts who might be helpful to you. However, I aim to inform you as much as possible, right here on this site.

Lastly, I want to help you, throughout your spiritual journey in any way that I can. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or to request that I write about something you are interested in. I hope you will feel informed and uplifted by the upcoming posts and I look forward to exploring our spiritual world with you.

Take care,


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