About The Blog

The Grateful Dreamer Meditates Daily is a blog created by Della O'Brien, a Spiritual Coach, on a mission to help you:

Deal with unexpected life events and challenges.

  • Connect with your higher self, so you can live a happy life, full of purpose.

  • Interpret your dreams, so you can see what your higher self is telling you.

  • Learn to meditate, so you can connect with your higher self and get answers to your biggest questions. 

About Coach Della

Della is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Spiritual Coaching.

Through her blog, she inspires, educates, and transforms lives. 

Additionally, she has developed a FREE program for Career Changes that helps people successfully change careers in today's workforce. For the Career Changes program, join the Career Changes Group, on the groups page. 

Other services are available, upon request, including Inspiration Sessions, Meditation Lessons, and Dream Interpretation. To book your FREE initial consultation, call 1-979-282-5399

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