Hello, Supermom!

I know you are frustrated by working from home, with kids tornado-ing around, everywhere, and that the last exercise you were able to do came from hopscotching down the hallway, avoiding stepping on Legos. 


I also know you love your kids. You might even be dealing with some Mommy Guilt, right now. Exhaustion and frustration might be chiseling away at your mind, making you absolutely sick of it, and you might be yelling more than usual or snippy with your family. 

First, let that guilt go, girl! You do not need it! You are human. Forgive yourself for being flawed like the rest of us and breathe. 

What if I told you that you don't have to feel like that?


That there is a solution to the overwhelm and frustration?


That you can get back to feeling like the Supermom you are and best of all...It requires no more work than you are currently doing.

I'm Della O'Brien and I'm a Career-transition Coach, helping moms just starting to work from home. I help them plan and implement a routine that boosts productivity, so they have more high-quality time with their families. I do this with my 2 Plans In 1 approach, which was specially designed for moms like you. 

Are you "sick of it"?

As a mother, I understand how difficult it can be to balance working from home with taking care of a family. You wake up in the morning, exhausted. Since you might be homeschooling children, you wake them up and start the lesson. They refuse to do anything- the same as yesterday. Then comes the headache and you might be biting your tongue, avoiding saying harsh words in the heat of the moment. You've tried everything- rewarding them with candy, toys, letting friends spend the night. Still, nothing changes. When you do have that magical moment of them listening and doing their homework, you are shocked and don't even have the energy to be excited for them when they finally understand long division. 

Or, maybe you have kids at home and they're not in school yet, or out for the summer. You still have to make sure they are occupied while you work because, if you don't... fighting, screaming, and destroying the house becomes a norm and feel like you could scream, yourself. You love your kids but you find yourself asking "Why won't they just behave? I am so sick of this." BTW, when my kids were younger and I was homeschooling one with severe ADHD, among other challenges, and I had a young one at home, That phrase came out of my mouth in the laundry room several times per day.

That brings up another issue you might be dealing with- The housework. With kids at home, it seems like it is never clean. How someone so small can make such huge messes is almost unexplainable. Even if they're not actively tornado-ing their way through the house, having to clean up after several people is a job, in itself, so you probably feel like you work 3 full-time jobs. You didn't think it would be this hard when you started working from home. It was supposed to be easier- not having to dress up for work, seeing your kids more, and avoiding the traffic seemed like Heaven. Now, it's like you never leave work. 

Before you start hiding the wine in the laundry room (haha! Caughtcha!), take a deep breath and imagine this: What would it be like if you had a blueprint, with proven strategies that work, that helped you plan your day in a way that helped you get more done in less time, so you can have more quality time with your kids?

Can you picture it? Beautiful, isn't it?

Now, you might be saying "That's great but what about the kids' behavior and the housework?"

Breathe, my friend. That's why I'm here.

My Mommy and Me, Pressure-free, Prioritized Plan is here to the rescue!

This plan is a little different from what you've read in parenting books or business books. Why? Because this plan hits the most painful issues of a work-from-home mom.


It's actually 2 plans in one!

Sounds crazy but, once you see how well your children are behaving, them getting along, and them doing chores and actually making housekeeping easier, I doubt you'll care that it sounds crazy.

Plan 1 is your children's plan. Through this plan, your kids get a weekly grown-up-like Skype call. You can attend, too. You'll see the following results:

  • Fighting amongst siblings will slow down to a halt.

  • No more (or significantly less) tornado-ing through the house, knocking stuff down, stringing Legos throughout the house, and putting army men in the freezer (although that one is actually quite funny). Instead, they will know they have chores and they will do them. After a while, reminding them will taper off to very little or none. 

  • Schoolwork will be getting done (if they are in school).

  • The kid with the attitude problem turns back into your charming little boys and girls!

Plan 2 is your plan. We address your kid's plan first because it takes the pressure off of you, so you can focus on your work. Following that, we will create a Spotlight Schedule for you that will lead to:

  • Your productivity will double!

  • No more wondering how you will "ever get it all done"!

  • Your business will gain momentum!

  • You will stop waking up, dreading the day!

  • No more laundry room conversations with yourself about being "sick of it"!

  • Your friends and family will ask "What happened to you? You're like a Supermom!"

  • You might even have time to fix your hair and put makeup on!

If all that sounds like a dream come true, give me a call or reach out through one of the social media links on the page to schedule your Free Discovery Call. I look forward to hearing from you!


Here's what people are saying:

"I met Della through my business partner. She was highly recommended so I had great expectations. Well, Della exceeded them all. She did exactly what she said she would do. Her efforts were key to us moving further in business. I am looking forward to her classes and working with her in the future.

-Nina White 

CEO of Hands Off Baby Bottle 

CEO of Hodge & Fields Vision Creation Zone

Malik Willi

"Because of Della, I got back to my entrepreneurial roots!"

-Malik Williams


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